Rubbish days out in the Peak District – litter-ally!

A girls sits on a Peak District edge with a beautiful landscape behind her and a pile of rubbish in front of her

There have been a few rubbish days out in the Peak District recently for our communications officer Fiona Stubbs…all in the interests of our new fundraising campaign!

Fiona has been photographing litter in some of our most stunning landscapes for a series of hard-hitting social media posts in support of our newly launched Peak District Proud Fund.

The fund’s first target is to buy litter picking kits for volunteers and community organisations who help to look after the National Park.

It also aims to raise awareness about problems posed by discarded litter in the countryside – including danger to wildlife and increased fire risk.

The social media campaign includes some shocking statistics showing how long certain items take to decompose when left behind as litter.

For example, did you know…?

  • A banana skin takes TWO years to decompose
  • A crisp packet takes 80 years to break down
  • Aluminium cans, while easy to recycle, take around 250 years to decompose when dumped
  • A plastic bottle takes 450 years to break down

While we urge all visitors to take their rubbish home with them, the figures show just how important it is to support the vital work of our army of litter pickers.

Our Peak District Proud Fund is raising money to provide litter picking kits for volunteers and the public to help the fight against litter in the Peak District.

Donate here

or text ‘Donate peak 16’ to 88802 to give an amount of your choice.

Just £10 funds a litter picking kit for a Peak District volunteer.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated.