Celebrate in style with C W Sellors

C W Sellors Fine Jewellery launch ‘Millstone 70’ Collection to celebrate 70 years of the Peak District National Park.

With proud links to the Peak District, our Peak Partners C W Sellors Fine Jewellery have great pleasure in launching a new, limited-edition jewellery collection to celebrate 70 years of it being designated as the UK’s first National Park and help raise important funds for its vital upkeep.

Through any purchase from the collection, not only will you receive a unique jewellery piece that has been handcrafted within the area, but you will also be contributing to the National Park’s conservation work.

C W Sellors are donating 10% of any sale to the Peak District National Park Foundation.

The collection comprises a choice of two sizes of millstone pendant, adjustable bracelet and whale back cufflinks, with each piece a reflection of the natural beauty of the area with its world renowned and admired Derbyshire Blue John gemstone being at the heart of each design. Providing recognition to the important milestone achieved, each piece also features the number 70 subtly incorporated into the sterling silver metalwork.

Having overseen the manufacture of the new collection, Rebecca Sellors explains her thoughts on the finished design – “We love working on commemorative designs and whilst of course we start with the connection to the event being celebrated, we also want to ensure any pieces created are elegant, wearable and are of the fine jewellery manufacturing standards our customers have come to expect. I really feel we have been able to achieve this with the Millstone 70 collection which, alongside marking the Park’s 70th anniversary, is also a celebration of one its greatest assets with each piece having been handcrafted with the finest Blue John gemstone.”

Whilst it is not the first time over the past 40 years C W Sellors have used inspiration from the area to craft one of their Blue John collections, it is their first time working with the Peak District National Park Foundation.

Sarah Slowther from Peak District National Park Foundation comments – “Seventy years ago, after decades of campaigning the Peak District became the UK’s original national park, designated on 17 April, 1951. That passion for the place continues to this day. These pieces are inspired by and a celebration of the Peak District, every purchase includes a donation to the Peak District National Park Foundation to support conservation and engagement projects so these landscapes thrive for future generations to enjoy.”

View the collection here.