Green Christmas

Dreaming of a green Christmas? Why not give the gift of nature?

Our natural world has never been more important.

During the Covid pandemic, we’ve learned the amazing benefits that being in the outdoors can have on our physical and mental health.

And yet, as the recent COP26 summit highlighted, the world we take for granted is more fragile than ever before.

So, what better time to make a few eco-friendly changes to our lives than at Christmas?

We can all do our bit to enjoy a greener Christmas. Even the simplest gestures can make a difference.

Here at the Peak District National Park Foundation, we recognise that we all have an opportunity to play a key part in the global effort to restore nature. By doing this locally, we can enjoy it too.

As the official charity of the Peak District National Park, we work with partners to conserve and enhance our grasslands, moorlands and woodlands; increase outdoor learning and accessibility and support community groups which care for the National Park.

With the support of our donors and partners, we have funded moorland restoration work with Moors for the Future Partnership – actively fighting climate change by restoring carbon capturing peatlands with simple techniques such as planting sphagnum moss.

Our projects not only help to combat climate change but support nature recovery, bio-diversity,  maintain our heritage and habitats and ensure the National Park is accessible and welcoming to all.

We’d love you to join us!


Are you dreaming of a greener Christmas this year?

Here are the Foundation’s top tips

Derbyshire Candle Company holding up their candle

Derbyshire Candle Company

  • Buy local – reduce the carbon footprint of Christmas giving by choosing locally-made gifts from nearby craft fairs, markets and artisan shops.
  • Buy less – it’s tempting to over-buy on food and drink at Christmas. Watch your food waste by planning in advance what you’re really likely to eat and drink over the festive season – and make sure there’s room in your freezer for storing the last of the turkey casserole / curry and other leftovers.
  • Use recycled and/or recyclable wrapping paper…and open larger presents carefully so you can use the gift wrap again next year!
  • Give consumable presents which will leave no waste. Homemade food and drink treats are always extra special because they show how much you care.
  • Send our Foundation e-card – instead of the carbon-heavy traditional Christmas card, why not send our virtual e-card this year. Make a donation via this link, and you will be sent the e-card by email. Simply send the card on to your friends and family to spread guilt-free Christmas cheer. And what’s more, your donation will help to fund bio-diversity and access projects here in the Peak District National Park.