Stanage-North Lees Estate

Landscape and habitat conservation in the heart of the National Park

Covering 542ha, Stanage-North Lees is an internationally important landscape.

The Estate is close to Hathersage in the Dark Peak and includes moorland, rock edges, woodland and farmland.

The dramatic rocky scenery of Stanage Edge is set in wild open moorland with views to the pleasant rural landscape surrounding North Lees Hall and the farm below.

As well as being adored by local people of Outseats and Hathersage, Stanage is only 6 miles from Sheffield (the UK’s fifth largest city) and is central to one of the busiest National Parks in the world.

Over a half million visitors each year come to enjoy walking, climbing and bird watching.

This heavy footfall is not without pressures, and preserving the future existence of rare bird species including the Ring Ouzel is one of our key priorities.

Help us to plant new trees and provide better feeding and breeding opportunities to the Ring Ouzel and other rare birds that call this place home.