Moorland Restoration

Fight Climate Change in the Peak District

Did you know that in the Peak District alone, 20 million tonnes of carbon is stored in the peat?

In fact peatlands are the UK’s largest carbon store.

Healthy peatlands are able to store more carbon than they release, making them vital carbon sinks.

However peatbogs that are in poor condition actual release carbon into the atmosphere. 80% of Peak District moorland is damaged.

Help us fight back

It is vital that we act now to restore and protect our Peak District blanket bogs and peatland. We need to see beautiful boggy landscapes alive with super mosses such as sphagnum.

To achieve this we are working with the Moors for the Future Partnership to raise funds to restore Peak District peatlands.

So far hundreds of donors like you have helped us to raise over £26,000 for moorland restoration in the Peak District. But we need to do so much more.

The moors on the Peak District are badly damaged from years of industrial pollution. Help us fight back today.

Your donation will pay for vital moorland restoration such as planting Sphagnum Moss plug plants on the moors.

Sphagnum - the wonder moss!

  • Sphagnum moss is a key component of blanket bogs
  • Sphagnum can hold up to 20 times its weight in water
  • Each kind of sphagnum moss has its own shade of colour, ranging from red, pink and orange through to green
  • Sphagnum mosses produce chemicals which increase the acidity of the water and further prevent the decay of dead plants
  • During the First and Second World Wars it was used as wound dressings. It was also used for lamp wicks, bedding and babies’ nappies

Sphagnum mosses are hugely important in the uplands due to the unique environments these plants help to create.

As sphagnum plants grow upwards, the lower parts of the plant die but do not decompose very quickly if the ground is waterlogged. This leads to the accumulation of organic material, or peat.

UK’s Peatlands store over three billion tonnes of carbon, around the same amount as all the forest in the UK, France and Germany put together.

Peat is the single biggest store of carbon in the UK, storing the equivalent of 20 years of all UK CO2 emissions and keeping it out of the atmosphere.