Connect Recover Thrive

Our Connect Recover Thrive campaign reflects our ambition for people to Connect, Recover and Thrive by experiencing the joy of nature in our National Park. 

We will work to connect people from all backgrounds to nature and improve wellbeing through nature connection.

It also reflects our ambition to join up habitats, to restore nature and create thriving landscapes. Supporting an environment which contributes to the fight against climate change.

What outcomes will Connect Recover Thrive achieve?


  • more Peak District moorland is restored
  • native woodland, grassland and heathland is restored
  • habitats in the Stanage North Lees Estate are conserved, restored and enhanced
  • the impact of Ash Dieback disease along the Monsal Trail is mitigated


  • new Ambassador Schools are signed up and supported
  • social prescribing projects will help people to connect to the Park to improve their health and wellbeing
  • projects that connect people from underrepresented groups will help everyone to access the National Park

Our ambitious campaign will raise half a million pounds to care for this precious space at the heart of our country. With your support  we can invest in nature recovery across the Park for planet, people and wildlife contributing to the conservation of biodiversity nationally and globally.

It costs around £25,000 to restore a hectare (1,000sqm) of moorland or £50,000 a year to prevent the spread of ash dieback on the Monsal Trail to both look after our trees and ensure the ever popular trail remains safe for visitors.

£1,000 towards our Ambassador Schools project can provide training, support, travel and kit to connect young students to nature with National park Rangers and £500 can pay for a group of people living with health inequalities to connect to nature and develop resilience to improve their health. 

With your help, however big or small, we can help support these projects and many more.

Nature recovery won’t happen overnight but with your help we can plan for a National Park that is enjoyed and conserved by everyone.

Join our ever-growing group of supporters today with a one-off donation.

Or give monthly to help us to Connect Recover Thrive.


Connect Fund

The Connect Fund has been established to support the Peak District National Park Management Plan and its ambition for the Peak District National Park to be a welcoming and inclusive place.

We offer grants of up to £500 for projects that help remove barriers for under-represented groups to access, understand and enjoy the Park.

We make grants to schools, community groups and associations – you do not need to be a registered charity but you do need to have a business or organisational bank account. 

If you have a project which could benefit from a grant of up to £500 from the Foundation, complete the application form and send it to

The deadlines for applications are:

  • 28/29th February
  • 30th April
  • 30th June
  • 30th September
  • 30th November

We will aim to let you know if your application has been successful within 2 weeks of the deadline.